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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Here are some items we carry

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Jun 22 2015

Email or Call for Inventory and Price checks !

HUGE DEALS on Overstocked Guns

3 Different Models of the SIG 1911's in Stock ! Save BIG

229 9mm Blk and 2 Tone Also !

Too Low to Print..

Save on Many More in  Stock Handguns NOW !


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10:00-5pm Mon-Tue-Wed

12-5:30pm Thur.-Fri

9:30-2pm Saturdays


Come to the gun shop that has the best prices, service and inventory you "need" on Cape Cod.

No over inflated prices or attitude, just family owned service.

Largest Variety of Handguns on the Cape..


AMMO Almost ALL Calibers IN STOCK

12g 7.5-8-9 shot all in stock for trap and skeet.

9mm NEW ammo from $13.99/50 Brass !!

40 from $16.99

45 From $19.99

Hollow point carry ammo in stock in a large variety of manufacturers.

All our ammo is NEW and in most cases better pricing than reloads.

22LR in stock !


Frog Lube in Stock

VP9's in Stock

NEW ...... Ruger LC9S in Stock !!

Sig AR's in Stock

S&W  Revolvers in stock.

S&W,Ruger, Sig 1911's in Stock  !!

S&W Shields 9mm & .40 in stock now.

Kahr P9 and PM9 in stock

S&W M&P 9, .40 and .45  in Stock 

Bodyguard .38 and .380's in Stock

Sig 220/239/229/226's in Stock

Sig 238's in Stock!

Sig 938's in stock! Scorpion etc...

SP101 Revolvers in Stock

Gp100's in Stock

10/22's all in Stock

AR Lowers $59.99 up, BCG's $114.99 up, Parts kits in stock $59.99up!

Gen 2 Glock 22 and 23's in stock

S&W M&P AR's in Stock

S&W 15T AR's in Stock

Mossberg and Remington 12g Shotguns in stock

Ruger SR22's in Stock

Magpul Accessories in Stock

Crossbreed Holsters in stock

Cleaning kits and supplies

Email us to see if we have what you are looking for.

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